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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Bullitt - Coffee Cantata

  Bullitt meets Cathy and friends at the Coffee Cantata, a real cafe with that name at 2026 Union Street in the Cow Hollow district.  It is now the popular Betelnut restaurant.

Then ...   There's a pastry counter at the front of the cafe and a coffee bar up the right side.

... and Now,  a full bar replaced the confectionery and the coffee bar up the stairs is gone.


  Then ...  Up the stairs, a jazz quartet is playing in the back corner next to the coffee bar.

... and Now,  with the coffee bar gone, this space has become the side dining area.


Then ...  Bullitt and Cathy join their friends at a table at the rear, filmed though the window from the rear deck.  The band's bass player can be seen off to the left.

... and Now,  the rear deck was sacrificed when the Betelnut renovation pushed the rear wall back for added space.  The same view, taken inside from where the deck was, shows part of Betelnut's open kitchen.


  The jazz band plays throughout the entire Coffee Cantata scene; they are seen below behind a radiant Cathy.


A collage of the band members from the movie is shown below.  The band was Meridian West and the musicians were, in spatial order:

Guitar - Larry Vogt                       Flute - Julie Iger Roseman

Percussion - Al Pimental             Bass - Nat Johnson                    

  Citysleuth learnt the identity of the band from a reader of this blog (see comments at the bottom of this post including much appreciated background about the gig from flutist Julie Roseman and news and comments from other band members).

    Update ...  Betelnut closed late 2016, eventually replaced by Flores, a Mexican bar/restaurant.


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