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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Bullitt - Enrico's Restaurant

  Bullitt takes a cab to meet a police informant at Enrico's Restaurant, a fixture at 504 Broadway Street since 1959.

Then ...  The cab drives north up Kearny and drops Bullitt off at Broadway.  The domed flat-iron building on Columbus facing us at the end of this block is the 1907 Sentinel Building, aka the Columbus Tower.

... and Now,  painted green today, the Columbus Tower was once owned by the Kingston Trio, who recorded there, and is currently owned by Francis Ford Coppola His American Zoetrope Studios and Cafe Zoetrope occupy most of the building.


Then ...  The cab drops him off in front of Swiss Louis, an even longer-lived Broadway restaurant, here from 1936 until moving in 1978 to its current Pier 39 location.

... and Now,   this corner site is now home to the Fuse bar, below.


   Then ...  Bullitt crosses Broadway to Enrico's, so familiar to any San Franciscan.

... in 2004,   a small remodel on the corner otherwise it's still very similar.  Kearny Street's steepest block runs uphill on the right, so steep in fact that the sidewalk is a staircase - to see just how steep it is check out this location from 'Dark Passage', filmed facing down that same block.

... and Now,   Sadly, the era of Enricos came to an end in November 2006.  When CitySleuth passed by here recently the building still looked the same except for its new casual dining tenant, Naked Lunch .


Then ...  Below, director Yates captures Enrico's convivial outdoor vibe in this shot aimed through the front patio.  Swiss Louis is seen kitty corner across the street.

 ... and Now,   adult videos and sex entertainment are still available down the block of Kearny across the street.  Some things never change.

Bullitt -  Enrico's Restaurant


 Then ...  Bullitt and the informant, Eddie (Justin Tarr), cross the street to the Galaxie Club at 501 Broadway opposite Enrico's .  Bullitt learns that Ross is being pursued by the mob for absconding with 2 million dollars.  More recently this site has been home to The Black Cat, Jitney's  Bar & Grill and currently the Impala Restaurant.

... and Now,   the view behind them from 501 Broadway looks across Kearny and east down Broadway.

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