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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Bullitt - Car Wash (the car chase starts here)

Then ...  Bullitt tracks down the cabbie who had picked up Johnny Ross and meets him at a car wash to retrace Ross's steps.

... and Now, the same corner, looking across Bayshore Blvd to the 101 flyover.  The car wash was located at the corner of Bayshore Blvd and Marin Street close by the Army Street (now Cesar Chavez) exit of Highway 101.


Then ...  The cabbie retraces Ross's journey for Bullitt then takes him back to his car at the car wash, below.  This is the view south down Bayshore Blvd, taken from the Army Street corner, looking past the car wash.

... and Now,  this matching photo is taken from a new on-ramp to the freeway which has been built along Bayshore.  The distinctive 1950's-kitsch car wash has been replaced by a nondescript structure with self-wash car bays.


In this great shot of Steve McQueen his character Bullitt leans forward to start his Mustang and spots the two hit men waiting for him in their Dodge Charger.


Then ...  The car chase begins below as Bullitt leaves the car wash and passes under the freeway, followed by the hit men.  The sign points left for Potrero Avenue and Army Street West and right for Army Street East.

... and Now,  several new ramps and access roads have changed the original traffic pattern.

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