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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Days of Wine and Roses - Joe and Kirsten's Apartment

  Newly married, Joe and Kirsten now have a baby daughter and have upscaled into a fine apartment with an even finer view.

Then ...  Joe carries a bag of groceries to the apartment.

... and Now,  he is on Pacific Avenue crossing Franklin in the Pacific Heights neighborhood.  The house on the corner behind him is the historic Talbot-Dutton house at 1782 Pacific built in 1869.  It was also used as a location in the 1968 movie Petulia


Then ...  He enters the breezeway of his apartment, 1800 Pacific (map), across Franklin Street from the Talbot-Dutton house.

... and Now,  here it is today after a recent remodel.

Then ...  Later in the movie a cab drops him off, drunk, in the breezeway where he picks some flowers as a peace offering for his wife.

... and Now,  the large brick planter is gone after being hit by the car of a resident who might have been in a similar state as Joe at the time.


Then ...  Joe staggers into the lobby and, feeling no pain, heads for the elevator.

... and Now,  the mailboxes in the breezeway have been upgraded in response to unauthorized letter removals over the years.


Then ...  The apartment has a clear view to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Was this scene filmed in one of 1800 Pacific's apartments?  CitySleuth and the building manager think not.  The interior, especially the fireplace, is sufficiently different in layout to suggest that this is a studio set using a photo plate to simulate the view.

... the window view now,  in addition, the building's view of the bridge, below, though similar to the movie's, does not properly line up with the Marin headlands behind it.  The movie photo was taken from a spot further west.

... a better match now ,  the view below, a closer match to the movie window view, was taken from near the corner of Broadway and Broderick in Pacific Heights.

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