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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Pal Joey - Club Chez Joey

  Joey has persuaded Vera to fund the opening of a new supper club, Chez Joey.  They find the perfect place for it in a swanky neighborhood.

  Then ...  This fine building is the Spreckels Mansion at 2080 Washington Street in Pacific Heights (map); the rear of the building is viewed here from the corner of Jackson and Octavia

... and Now ,  there's a huge coiffured hedge around the property and the jutting curved rooms have been extended upwards by an addition.  The home's current owner is author Danielle Steel.


Then ...  the panning camera on a high balcony of the building next door sweeps right to left towards the mansion resulting in this fine panorama.  The prop For Rent sign above can be seen at the bottom of the garden, below.

... and Now,  the same panorama today.  The house now has a roof garden which may explain the added but odd fire escape wrapping around this side of the building. Lafayette Park is just off to the left of the picture.


Then ...  Joey drives Vera's 1957 yellow Ford Thunderbird convertible up a steep block alongside the side of the mansion and turns into Washington.  The street is a mess, undergoing resurfacing following removal of the Washington - Jackson cable car tracks after the line was closed down in September 1956.

... and Now,  viewed from Lafayette Park, the steep street is Octavia, stretching all the way down to Fort Mason at the edge of the bay.


Then ...  As he turns into the driveway we get to see the front of the mansion.

... and Now,  the ridiculously high hedge isolates the house not only from the street but from the raised park opposite and prevents San Franciscans from enjoying the fine French Baroque architecture.  This same entrance witnessed a murder in the 1952 movie The Sniper.


Then ...  The proud owner pulls up and watches the new club's livery going up.

... and Now,  it never was a club of course, otherwise it's the same.


    Unfortunately, just before opening night, Vera pulls the plug on the financing in a jealous reaction to Joey's increasing interest in Linda.  The club is doomed.

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