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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Experiment In Terror - Dead Mannequin

  Agent Ripley gets a call from another woman, Nancy Ashton (Patricia Huston), who claims she has a friend whose life may be in danger.  She wants him to come to her place as soon as possible and the fear in her voice persuades him to do so.  She waits for him, surrounded by a bizarre specter - disjointed and hanging mannequins that she works on at home.  This may not bode well ...


Then ...  Ripley and fellow agent Brad (Roy Poole) pull up outside her apartment.

... and Now,  they were at 2632 Larkin Street, between Lombard and Chestnut (map), a short block and a half from the well-known 'crooked street' on Russian Hill.  The view looks south towards Lombard.


Then ...  Their sharply angled view of the house accentuates its elegantly bowed windows.

... and Now,  the house hasn't changed, even the curvilinear window panes are the same.


Then ...  A diversion - Frank Bullitt's 390GT fastback Mustang drove right past this house six years later during the famous car chase in the movie Bullitt (in the capture below, the arrow points to the house).

... and Now,  a recent view of the same block.



  Where were we?  Oh yes ... unfortunately, Kelly Sherwood's tormentor has beaten the agents to it and they find Nancy Ashton as lifeless as the mannequins hanging alongside her.


Then ...  When an ambulance is called we get a glimpse of the house next door.


... and Now,  in this wider view of 2632 Larkin that neighboring house is currently being replaced and has just been demolished.

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