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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Vertigo - Scottie Follows Madeleine - 6

  In a long conversation with Madeleine after Scottie rescues her from the Bay he is no closer to finding out why she takes off on her mysterious wanderings.  He decides to continue watching her.  In this sequence an asterisk (*) indicates a route discontinuity, i.e. a location jump.


Then ...     She had stopped by to leave a thank-you note.  They talk outside his apartment and as she leaves we enjoy a clear view down Lombard Street with Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower in the distance.

... and Now,  a half century later when this photo was taken (2011) the house was unchanged but since then the owner has completely made over the exterior, wiping out a cinematic location icon (see it here).


  They resume their conversation then agree to go off on a drive together.

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