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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Pal Joey - A Happy Ending

    Unlike the stage show which leaves Joey stranded on his own, the movie has a happy ending ... it is a Hollywood musical after all.

    Linda pleads with Vera to reopen the club but she won't relent until Vera offers to leave.  That achieved, Vera tells Joey not only that she's changed her mind but that she wants to marry him.  But Joey refuses and for the first time Vera realizes that his feelings for Linda are genuine.

Then ...  Joey returns to the empty club for one last sentimental look then leaves, with a passing farewell to the T-Bird.  "So long little bird, don't pick up any nails".

... and Now,  the same bird's eye view, shot from the apartment building next door, gives us another perspective of that incongruous privacy hedge.


    Across the street in Vera's car, she and Linda watch him leave.  By now Vera has reconciled herself to her loss and motions Linda to go for it.


Then ...  and go for it she does ...  in front of the mansion he tells her to "beat it" but a passionate street-side kiss melts his butter and off they go, together.  But wait a minute, what's wrong with this location shot?

... and Now,  here's the real location below, viewed along Washington past the Spreckels Mansion from the Octavia Street corner.  If the wall wasn't hidden you would quickly realize that it doesn't match the wall above - because it was a studio creation with a painted cityscape in the background.

... from 1956 ...  this is obvious by comparing the wall in the movie above with the real wall seen in this vintage photo of the mansion as it was shortly before the time of the filming.  Note the absence of trees and the presence of cable car tracks - this photo was taken just before they were torn up for good.


Then ...  The schmaltzy 'Into The Sunset' shot is a view of the Golden Gate Bridge taken from between the St. Francis and the Golden Gate Yacht Clubs in the Marina district (map) with lurid sky no doubt courtesy of the art department.

... and Now,  from the same spot today.


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