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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Pal Joey - Vera's Yacht Vera

Vera owns a luxury yacht, eponymously named, a gift from her husband.  She takes Joey to see it at the marina where it is berthed, West Harbor in the Marina District.

Then ...  They drive towards the boat down a narrow roadway projecting out into the water in Vera's 1957 Lincoln Premiere Convertible.

... and Now,  the roadway is an extension of Scott Street at the Marina Green (map).  The same houses on Marina Boulevard span left to right in the images above and below but note that the roadway has been truncated - it's shorter now than it was then.  This photo was taken from the Golden Gate Yacht Club across the water and Vera's boat was berthed within that stretch of water.  The red-roofed building (longer now than it was) alongside the water on the right is the Harbormaster's Office. 


Then ...  They pull up alongside the boat and we see a view of West Harbor behind it which includes the Golden Gate bridge and the Marina lighthouse, a 1931 structure still there but no longer in use.  What's particularly interesting about this image is the skyline in the distance to the left dotted with highrises.  Why? ... read on.

... and Now,  in the same view today from the Golden Gate Yacht Club the dominant features to the left are the dome of the Palace of Fine Arts and the tree covered skyline of the Presidio.  So what's with that fancy distant cityscape seen above?  Those sneaky filmmakers created it by use of a matte painting to add interest to the view!  (They used the same trick with Vera's mansion).


    Over drinks onboard Joey tells Vera he has ambitions to open a nightclub of his own.  If anyone can make it happen it's the wealthy widow Vera - she even suggests a name ... Chez Joey.

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