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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Born To Kill - Marty joins Sam

  Sam calls his one-time prison mate and long-time roommate Marty (the ubiquitous Elisha Cook Jr) in Reno to tell him he is marrying Georgia and invites him to his upcoming wedding.

Then ...  The trip from Reno would take Marty by train to the Oakland Pier and from there by ferry to San Francisco.  Marty is seen here arriving at the Ferry Building on the 'Berkeley', incidentally the first prop-driven ferryboat on the west coast.  Behind them the Bay Bridge reaches out to Yerba Buena island.

... and Now,  there are fewer docking slips at the Ferry Building as a result of the plummeting demand for ferries in the years after the bridge was built.  As today's ferry pulls in at least the view behind it is the same.

... in 1957 ...  In the movie Pal Joey there's a scene showing the 'Berkeley' leaving the Oakland Pier Southern Pacific rail terminal to begin its cross-bay trip to San Francisco - a route it plied for sixty years until taken out of service in 1958.  In the background we see Yerba Buena island, the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline.

... and Now,  the ferryboat subsequently spent 12 ignominious years moored in Sausalito as a gift shop before being sold in 1973 to the Maritime Museum of San Diego where, lovingly restored, it continues to be on display.


Then ...  Marty emerges from the Ferry Building onto the Embarcadero and heads to a waiting cab (map).

... and Now,  the kiosks under the breezeway are no longer there and the sidewalk has been widened but the building structure reassuringly remains unchanged.


Then ...  He tells the cabbie where the wedding is being held.  In the distance along the Embarcadero the Bay Bridge soars overhead and, across the street, the end building (above the cabbie's cap) is the YMCA at 166 Embarcadero. Check out the Ferry Building official - he couldn't resist looking at the camera!

... and Now,  the bridge is still there of course and the YMCA too, now sharing its building with the Harbor Court Hotel.


  Arnett, the private dick hired to find the killer, has followed Marty on a hunch that he'll lead him there.  As the cab drives off he writes down the address.


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