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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Man Who Cheated Himself - A Call For Help

    Lois Frazer (Jane Wyatt) is a married woman having an affair with homicide Lieutenant Ed Cullen (Lee J. Cobb).  After she tells her husband that she intends to divorce him she finds a hidden gun at home and, convinced he is planning to kill her, calls Cullen and asks him to come help her.


Then ...  Cullen drives out of the Hall of Justice garage, pausing to say Hi to Janet (Lisa Howard), the fiancé of Cullen's younger brother Andy (John Dall).  She is parked outside, waiting for Andy, who also happens to be Cullen's junior partner.

... and Now,  the old Hall of Justice, demolished in 1967, was on the corner of Kearny and Washington on Portsmouth Square in Chinatown.  Today a hotel, the Hilton Financial District, occupies the site.  In this recent photo looking east down Washington (map), the hotel is seen on the right.  Two-way traffic then is one-way now but the tall white building at top left in both Then and Now images is still there - the Appraisers Building at 603 Sansome Street.


Then ...  Cullen drives off and Andy comes out to meet Janet.  The lovebirds share a passionate kiss in the middle of the street.

... and Now,  this is the view west along Washington towards Kearny.  There's a newly completed building on the right and that's Portsmouth Square plaza bounded by trees on the left.


  Here's the old Hall of Justice from 1961 in a photo taken six years before it was demolished.  The movie scene was filmed on Washington at the side of the building at left.

... and Now,  the Hilton San Francisco Financial District hotel now occupies this site.  Originally built in 1970 as the Holiday Inn Downtown, it was taken over  and refurbished in 2005 by Hilton.


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