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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Experiment In Terror - Reluctant Witness

  Whenever CitySleuth draws a blank on pinpointing a location he posts it anyway asking readers to help identify it.  Just occasionally they do, as in this post ...

  Ripley questions Lisa Soong (Anita Loo, in her only movie role), who the priest had seen with the suspect Red Lynch.  She is reluctant with her answers, almost hostile, and refuses to answer without first talking to her lawyer.


Then ...  The lawyer lives across the street from her and on receiving her call wastes no time going over to join her.

and Now ...  CitySleuth heard from reader Suzy Safdie who as it turns out lived as a child in this very house.  She identified it as 647 33rd Avenue in the Richmond district (map), a block or so from George Washington High School which made an appearance earlier in the movie.  The house has added a garage since then.


Then ...  The rest of this block is revealed as the camera pans to the right to show the suspect lurking, waiting as the lawyer crosses and heads up to Lisa's place.  Note the messy oil-pan leaks on the pavement, a sign of the times but rarely seen today.

and Now ...  The interesting serial row of homes are all different in style, then as now.  Anza Street crosses at the stop sign.


Then ...    Lynch approaches and gazes up at Lisa's window, presumably the top floor.  Inside, on the advice of her lawyer, she admits to knowing Lynch, in fact they have dated a number of times.  But even after being told he is a three-time murderer, she appears to be holding back information.

and Now ...  Lynch was gazing up at 652 33rd Avenue but its interior scenes were most likely filmed on a studio set.  Here's that house today.


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