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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Laughing Policeman - Garden Of Eden Club

Then ...  Short on leads, Jake and Larsen try to find the supplier of the automatic weapon, grease gun in the police vernacular, used in the bus slaying.  Larsen begins at a North Beach club, the Garden Of Eden.  The camera pans down its colorful sign ...

... and Now,  the Garden Of Eden Club, at 529 Broadway (map) in the heart of the North Beach red light district, opened at this location in 1972 and looks just the same more than 40 years on.


Then ...  Jacquie Portnoy and the San Francisco Strutters entertain passers-by outside the club.  Across the street a steep alley, Romolo Place, tees in and we get a glimpse of another strip club, the Hungry I, on the corner at 546 Broadway.  (This same band are also heard in the 1973 movie The Conversation during the opening scene in Union Square).

... and Now,  the Hungry I lives on at the same location between the Roaring 20's club and the Beat Museum

... the original Hungry i ...  don’t confuse this club with the famous Hungry i, a folk music and satirical comedy club, which was located nearby in the basement of the International Hotel two blocks away at 599 Jackson Street (map).  The Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary, Lenny Bruce and countless others performed or recorded albums there.  Below, the well-dressed crowd line up there to see Woody Allen and newcomer Barbra Streisand on the same bill in 1963, coinciding with the release of her first album. That club closed down in 1970.


Then ...  Inside the Garden of Eden Larsen may be on business but he takes a moment to check out the entertainment.

... and Now,  the club's compact interior has been recently remodeled but retains the same basic layout.  On a recent visit it was CitySleuth's turn to be entertained.


... in 1972 ...  here's a still from a 1972 TV segment about the club aired shortly before the movie was filmed.

... and Now,  remarkably similar.


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