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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Laughing Policeman - Flushing Him Out

Then ...  Tailing Camerero has so far failed to lead Jake and Larsen to the supplier of the 'grease gun' - the murder weapon.  It's time for some psychological warfare.  In a ploy to rattle him Jake asks Larsen to go to Camerero's office and drop off the wartime photo they found of him with one of the murdered bus victims.  (Patience, dear reader, it's a convoluted story but the location shots are great).  His office is at One Embarcadero Center, also seen earlier in the movie;  below, the dogged duo are on the promenade level where a Willi Gutman sculpture rises behind them.

... and Now,  the sculpture is still there, partially hidden by the Landmark Theatre structure that has since been added.  Partially hidden too is the iconic Transamerica pyramid in the background.

    That same sculpture made an appearance in Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation, filmed around the same time.  The One Embarcadero highrise behind it, below, is the building on the left, above.


Then ...  They keep watch on his car but he doesn't take the bait.

... and Now,  this is Level A of One Embarcadero Center's underground garage.


    Larsen even tries to persuade Monica, the nurse he had interviewed earlier, to call Camerero pretending to be somebody else.  She finds the whole idea hilariously against the law and isn't persuaded.   But what and where was this quirky place?  And who was MacPhee?  Two readers have suggested Napper Tandy's, a little pub/entertainment place on the Plaza next to the Hyatt on Union Square.  CitySleuth would like to find a contemporaneous photo that could confirm or rule this out.


Then ...  Another futile day of shadowing ends at Camerero's home.  The address, displayed on the side wall as 85 St. Elmo, tells us where it is ....

... and Now,  over 40 years later at 85 St. Elmo Way in the upscale hillside neighborhood of Monterey Heights (map), despite the magnificent tree being taller and sturdier, the lamps flanking the entrance now gone and the address sign moved to the other side, the home still looks as it was.


    Jake decides it's time to confront the suspect directly.  He shows up at his Embarcadero Center office (with an east-facing view towards Yerba Buena Island) but Camerero tells his secretary to say he is not there.  Clearly though, he's rattled; they are on to him.


Then ...  Jake tells Larsen he knows Camerero was there so they wait for him outside the building's garage.  When his Mercedes pulls out, they are about to embark on a wild car chase across the city ...

... and Now,  this is the Battery Street exit of One Embarcadero's underground garage (map); there's now an added staircase over on the left.


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