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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Harold And Maude - Amusement Park

Then ...  We next see Harold And Maude enjoying the popular kid-friendly Trabant ride at an amusement park.

... in 1971 ...  this scene was filmed at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, California's oldest (1907) surviving amusement park (map).  Here's a photo taken in the year the movie was released showing the ride at far right next to the Ferris Wheel.

... and Now, The Trabant ride is no longer there; a new ride, the Pirate Ship, occupies its location and the Ferris Wheel has been moved to the east end of the boardwalk.  A map of today's Boardwalk can be seen here.


Then ...  Wrapped up against a chilly Santa Cruz breeze they walk into the covered arcade.

... and Now,  the arcade has undergone some changes including multi-colored capitals added to the column tops at left.


Then ...  As they watch a model train layout check out the bearded dude between them - it's director Hal Ashby making a cameo appearance, Alfred Hitchcock-style. 

... and Now,  this is the Casino Arcade at the far west end of the Boardwalk.  All of the attractions and machines have been changed but the columns, topped by ornate capitals, are still there holding up the ceiling; they guided CitySleuth to the right spot.


Then ...  Harold stops at a metal-typer machine and, after checking that Maude isn't watching, spells out 'Harold Loves Maude' on a token.

... and Now,  as viewed from the same place, but the typer machine is gone.

    CitySleuth couldn't find the typer during his recent visit but other boardwalk visitors in the recent past came across one and posted photos of it and a token.


Then ...  Meanwhile, still in the Casino Arcade, Maude applauds a lively competitive game.

... and Now,  the staircase on the left side has since been remodeled away.


Then ...  They find a place with a good view of a fireworks display across the water above the glittering boardwalk.  Enthralled by Harold's token, she echoes her love for him then flings it into the sea... "So I'll always know where it is".  Robert Ballard, you're needed.

... and Now,  the matching shot is from the wharf that juts way out into Monterey Bay from the boardwalk (map).  The Giant Dipper stands out both Then and Now in the center background.


    The climactic fireworks appropriately segue to Maude's railcar.  Finally, they did it.


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