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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Harold And Maude - Bereft

    Maude's death has left Harold bereft and confused.  He takes off on a long drive in his Jaguar prompting our concern for his well-being.  Director Hal Ashby chose to include the drive as a series of clips interspersed within the hospital scenes but CitySleuth presents them here sequentially in the order in which they appear in the movie.  They were filmed south of San Francisco, jumping from place to place across the peninsula without regard to geographical continuity. 

    Our first view of the drive is here, somewhere in the hills on a wet and gloomy day.  CitySleuth is still searching for the location.


Then ...  He's next on a curving coastal highway passing a golf course on the left between the road and the ocean.

... and Now,  this view looks north from an overpass crossing Highway 1 in Pacifica (map).  The Sharp Park neighborhood of Pacifica is straight ahead and the seaside links course, now shrouded from here by tall trees, is the Sharp Park Golf Course.  A central concrete divider has since been installed to make the highway curve a little safer.


Then ...  Back in the hills ...

... and Now,  ... this is miles away on Pescadero Creek Road, halfway between the little town of Pescadero and the Pacific Coast (map).  Location nuts visiting this spot should take the opportunity to stop for lunch at the popular Duarte's Tavern in Pescadero, a way station serving hungry travelers since 1894.


Then ...  The rainy weather is beginning to clear up.

... and Now,  This S-curve looks awfully like the same location, also on Pescadero Creek Road but deep in the hills between Alpine Road and Loma Mar (map).  At this and the previous Pescadero Creek Road location the white center line has been upgraded to yellow reflectors.


Then ...  Next he's driving alongside a cemetery that he and Maude had visited earlier in the movie.

... and Now,  it's the Sneath Lane side of the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno (map).


Then ...  Back at the coast, returning to Pescadero, the Jaguar turns from Pescadero Creek Road onto Highway 1 and heads north  (map).

... and Now,  Then and Now comparisons of rural locations often show little change over time.


Then ...  He is still on Highway 1 but now 29 miles further north in Pacifica.  Where is he going?  What will he do?  (Patience, dear readers, the next blog post will reveal all).

... and Now,  this is the Mori Point Road junction.  The turn-off  takes hikers to the Mori Point trail a short distance away (map).


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