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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - Matthew's Home

Then … Matthew invites Elizabeth to a stir-fry at his home. She wonders if she is losing her mind - she tells him that her boyfriend Geoffrey is not Geoffrey; he looks the same but has lost all emotions and feelings. Matthew listens politely but he’s understandably skeptical.

… and Now, from the same vantage point there have been several changes to these rooms. The doorway at far left is the same one but is now partially hidden from here by a wall that has been extended towards the viewer. A kitchen remodel has eliminated the suspended shelves. Straight ahead in back of the living room is the same front entrance.


Then … A vista shown later in the movie reveals the location of the house - it’s the two story in the foreground at far right at 1227 Montgomery Street, Telegraph Hill (map). The street-facing upstairs patio door is the one seen in the interior image above.

… and Now, this view looks south towards downtown along Montgomery Street from Union Street. Forty years on, the distant bullet-shaped Salesforce Tower at left is the biggest (literally) change on the horizon. Note that 1227 Montgomery now has an added 3rd story.


Then … A shot of Matthew on the patio also captures downtown and, in the distance, the Bay Bridge.

… and Now, rampant foliage removes the view from our sight but we see that the rusted lamp post at left is the same one, with an upgraded lamp. Alongside it a tiny sliver of the bridge’s roadway is all that’s visible from here through the trees. And, the patio railing has since been replaced, conforming to tightened safety codes.


Here’s a recent look at 1227 Montgomery. The patio on top of the garage is the one seen above.


It’s warm outside so they dine in the garden. Matthew suggests she meet his psychiatrist friend David Kibner ... “He will put things into perspective for you”.


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