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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Thieves' Highway - Bob's Roadside Cafe

  Nick is horrified to hear of his partner Ed's terrible death.  To make matters worse, he finds out Figlia had sent somebody out to retrieve Ed's scattered apples from the crash site. That does it - Nick pursues Figlia and catches up with him at a roadside cafe.

Then ...  The cafe, Bob's Roadside Cafe, is seen here with a truck loaded with Ed's apples parked out in front.

... and Now

  CitySleuth is still seaching for this location site and would welcome any reader who may recognize it to contact him.


  Justice is served, vigilante style, when Nick gives Figlia a merciless beating in a scene unusually graphic for those days.  (CitySleuth wonders if it was coincidence that the cafe walls were lined with photos of professional pugilists).


  The movie ends happily, as befits Hollywood's fascination with the tart-with-a-heart stereotype, when Nick interrupts Rica's card game back in Shorty's bar and asks her to come away with him.  She joyously flings her cards into the air and they head off in search of a wedding preacher.

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