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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Sudden Fear - Run, Myra, Run!

  Having discovered Lester's and Irene's intention to murder her, Myra plans a pre-emptive strike.  She cleverly arranges for them to meet late at night at Irene's apartment (see earlier post), each thinking the other had set up the meeting.  Meanwhile Myra awaits their arrival.  She has Irene's gun and apparently plans to bump Lester off and pin it on her.

  But Myra is overwhelmed by emotion as she waits.  Unnerved by a hot brow and cold feet, she can't see it through.  She drops the gun and retreats into a closet as Lester arrives.


Then ...  Lester sees the gun and a monogrammed handkerchief that Myra had dropped.  Recognizing the trap he desperately scours the apartment for her but she manages to slip out.  Outside, he spots her running down Hyde Street, wearing the same style white scarf favored by Irene.

... and Now,  the same view looking down the entryway of the Tamalpais Building at 1201 Greenwich Street.


Then ...  He rushes past the Tamalpais' entrance and down a flight of steps to Hyde.

... and Now,  the fire hose connectors, like four teets in a row, are still there.


Then ...  His car is parked at the foot of the steps - a quick U-turn in the convertible and the chase is on.

... and Now,  the awnings are gone on those houses across Hyde.


Then ...  He spots her downtown, but this isn't San Francisco - it's the corner of Cinnabar and 3rd Street in the Bunker Hill neighborhood of Los Angeles!  The director has pulled a fast one on us but CitySleuth for one wasn't fooled.

... and Now,  today, the shabby but vibrant Bunker Hill downtown exists only in the movies.  A major civic development in the 1950s and 60s flattened the hill and transformed the area to a stretch of wide, soul-less streets and modern buildings.  Cinnabar Street disappeared altogether, making way for a Veolia Energy facility providing heating and cooling to private buildings (map) .  Would that the displaced and departed denizens of Bunker Hill could have enjoyed such luxury.

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