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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The House On Telegraph Hill - Larry's Garage

  After the car crash Victoria is convinced her new husband tampered with the brakes hoping she and her son Chris would die, leaving aunt Sophie's estate to him.  She and friend Marc Bennett take the car to a garage where the mechanic finds a broken hydraulic line - it could have been a deliberate act, but they can't be sure.

Then ...  They are at Larry's Garage on Verdi Place, off Montgomery between Broadway and Pacific (map).  The view towards Nob Hill includes the Mark Hopkins hotel just left of the 'Brakes/Alignment' sign and the Sentinel Building (aka the Columbus Tower) on Columbus Avenue, with its distinctive dome.  The gabled building with the mural, just above the gas pump, is on Pacific Avenue.

... and Now,  believe it or not, this is the same place.  From the same spot on Verdi Place today we see that it is now a two-level parking structure and the view has been blocked by several newer buildings surrounding it.


Then ...  As they drive out of the garage there's a wider angle view.  On the left horizon are the Mark Hopkins and Fairmont hotels and the Brocklebank Apartments (featured in 'Vertigo').  The two highrise apartments spaced out to their right are 1250 and 1360 Jones Street (also seen from George's House in 'Dark Passage').  1250 Jones is the only horizon building visible in today's view (above).  The Columbus Tower is at far left.

... and Now,  here's a Google Earth view of the garage site with an arrow pointing to the parking structure.  Broadway runs top to bottom right of center with Montgomery crossing it at bottom.  The Columbus Tower is at upper left.  The former site-with-a-view is now completely hemmed in.


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