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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

 The Lady From Shanghai (1947)

The Movie 

    The Lady From Shanghai, was filmed in 1946 and early 1947.  The movie, adapted from the novel 'If I Die Before I Wake' by Sherwood King, was an early contributor to the evolving film noir style, incorporating as it did murder, intrigue, double-cross and of course a scheming femme fatale.  The storyline moves from New York City to Acapulco then on to Sausalito and San Francisco with spectacular location scenes adding reality to the plot.  the famous final scene, brilliantly shot in a room full of distorting and replicating mirrors, is film noir denouement at its very best.

The Story

    Mike O'Hara (Orson Welles), a sailor and a dreamer, meets and falls for the beautiful Elsa Bannister (Rita Hayworth) in New York's Central Park. She tells him she and her lawyer husband Arthur Bannister (Everett Sloane) are about to sail their yacht to San Francisco by way of the Panama Canal.  They need a skipper and she offers O'Hara the job.  He takes it on but as thejourney progresses he finds himself being pulled into a bizarre murder scheme ...

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 The Locations

  1. Opening Scene   View of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge---  View of Central Park West from the Sheep Meadow in Central Park, Manhattan
  2. A Fateful Meeting   Central Park, Manhattan, re-created at the Columbia Ranch backlot, Burbank
  3. "Would You Like To Work For Me?"   Ellery Apt Hotel, 1028 S. Hope, Los Angeles  ---  Garage next to Earle C. Anthony Packard dealership at 1000 S. Hope, Los Angeles  ---  Yacht Harbor, W. 22nd Street, San Pedro
  4. Errol Flynn and the yacht Circe   Errol Flynn's yacht Zaca
  5. Acapulco - Beaches   The Beach at Puerto Marques---  Revolcadero Beach and Tropical Lagoon---  Caleta Beach and Caletilla Beach on the Caleta Peninsula, Acapulco
  6. Acapulco - Hotel Los Flamingos   Hotel Los Flamingos, Acapulco
  7. Acapulco - Hotel Casablanca   Hotel Casablanca, 195 Ave Pinzona, Acapulco
  8. Whaler's Cove, Sausalito   Old Pier ---  Nunes Bros. Boatyard, Sausalito, California
  9. Walhalla Bar   201 Bridgeway, Sausalito
  10. Aquarium   Steinhart Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park
  11. Two Murders   Walhalla Bar, 201 Bridgeway, Sausalito---  Golden Gate Bridge---  West Harbor, the Marina, San Francisco---  Columbia Ranch Studio Lot, Burbank
  12. Jailhouse Lament   Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point---  City view west from 1360 Jones rooftop---  Sacramento east from Mason--- Brocklebank Apartments, 1000 Mason, Nob Hill---  Mason Street viewed north from Sacramento
  13. O'Hara's Trial   Hall Of Justice, 750 Kearny Street at Washington
  14. On The Lam - Portsmouth Square   Portsmouth Square, Chinatown
  15. On The Lam - Chop Suey and Shanghai Low   Grant Avenue at Pine Street---  532 Grant Avenue, Chinatown
  16. On The Lam - Grant Avenue from California to Clay   600 block of Grant from Sacramento---  801 Grant---  800 block of Grant from Clay, Chinatown
  17. Chinese Telephone Exchange   743 Washington Street, Chinatown
  18. On The Lam - Mandarin Theatre 1   1021 Grant Avenue, Chinatown
  19. On The Lam - Li Po and Mandarin Theatre 2   916 Grant Avenue --- 1021 Grant Avenue, Chinatown --- Columbia Ranch backlot, Burbank
  20. "You're The Killer, Yes!"   (Li's window view) - view from the Fairmont Hotel, Nob Hill---  Columbia Ranch, Burbank---   Sun Mun Way, Old Chinatown at 951 N. Broadway, Los Angeles
  21. Crazy House   Fun House, Playland At The Beach, Great Highway, Outer Richmond
  22. Magic Mirror Maze   Fun House, Playland At The Beach, Great Highway, Outer Richmond

Interactive Map

       Click here for a photo map of the Acapulco locations in this movie.

       Click here for a photo map of the San Francisco locations in this movie.


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