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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Lineup - Car Chase

  The 1968 movie 'Bullitt' is famous for its spectacular car chase as Steve McQueen barrels through the streets of San Francisco in pursuit of the bad guys.  But Don Siegel had done it first, a decade earlier, in this movie.  Dancer and Julian, with Dorothy and her daughter as hostages and Sandy at the wheel, lead police pursuers in a high speed race across town.

  As they speed away from Sutro's, Julian wants to stop and scatter but Sandy reassures him ...  "I'm your boy,  I'll get you out".  We'll soon see about that.


  The chase unfolds below with each segment shown side by side as 'Then" and 'Now'.

  Below, the police close in and the chase is finally over, but not before the enraged Dancer shoots his partner Julian in the back as he tries to flee.

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