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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Lineup - Seaman's Club

  Dancer and cohorts go to the Seaman's Club to retrieve Larry Warner's Tang Dynasty horse and its concealed stash.

Then ...  The club was in reality the Embarcadero YMCA near Howard Street, established in 1908 as the Army Navy YMCA (map).

... and Now,  The grand old Y is still there today but it now shares its building with the Kimpton Harbor House Hotel.  The two buildings to its right are the originals but modified on the ground floor retail level and with additions above.


  Julian enters the club lobby with Dancer and they head for the steam room where they have been told they will find Warner.

Then ...  They walk past check-in on the left and a soda fountain.

... and Now,  this room has become the lobby of the Harbor House Hotel.  The curved ceiling and arched doorways have been retained but the soda fountain is gone, as is the check-in desk - the hotel check-in is through the archway on the right, accessed from Steuart Street.


  In an amusingly campy scene (were it not for the violence to come) Dancer strips to a towel and meets Warner in the steam room.  Warner foolishly tells Dancer where the Tang Dynasty horse is then mentions he discovered the contraband and suggests his silence can be bought.  Then, incredulous, he keels over after being chillingly dispatched with a single bullet.  One down, two to go.

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