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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Vertigo - Scottie's House

  After rescuing Madeleine from the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay Scottie takes her to his Russian Hill home.  The home's exterior scenes were filmed at 900 Lombard Street on the corner of Jones  (map), one steep block below the famous 'crooked street'.  The interior scenes were filmed on a studio sound stage.

Then ...  From inside the house, Hitchcock wanted a window view of Coit Tower -  "... because it's a phallic symbol", he said in a later interview.

... and Now,  from outside 900 Lombard we see the same view today plus an unsightly apartment building blocking the distant twin spires of Sts. Peter and Paul church on Washington Square.


  Madeleine recovers after a restful sleep (naked, no less!) and as they talk it becomes clear that Scottie is hopelessly besotted.


Then ...  Later, she returns to the home to drop off a thank you note for so valiantly saving her life.

    After the movie was filmed this special location retained its original character for over half a century until 2012 when the current owner decided enough Vertigophiles had knocked on his door (the photo below is from 2011) ...

... and Now,  so he built a wall across the front entrance and plastered over the red brick chimney.  Unique to eunuch ... grand to bland.  While CitySleuth respects owners' rights, he will silently weep each time he passes by.


Then ...  Scottie wasn't in but he shows up while she's there and they chat on the front porch (this closeup was filmed on a set).

... as of 2011,  here's a peek at the front door (it was painted red for the filming) before it was  walled off.  The railing, almost hidden behind the shrubs, is different from the one in the movie.

... in 2011,  another look at 900 Lombard before its makeover.  This view looks west up the hill towards the crooked street at the top of the block.

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