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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Woman On The Run - Searching For Frank - 3

  Eleanor and Leggett have found out that her missing husband Frank has traded in his coat for a sailor's pea jacket and cap so they narrow their search to the Embarcadero waterfront.

Then ...  They start looking near the Bay Bridge.

... and Now,  this is just north of the bridge where it crosses the Embarcadero, close to Pier 24, looking away from the water.


Then ...  Next they are in front of Pier 43 near Fisherman's Wharf where they spot a couple of sailors in pea jackets, but not Frank.

... and Now,  Pier 43 and its headhouse, a decorated hoisting tower for loading and unloading rail cars on and off ferries, was built in 1914 to serve the Belt Railroad.  Train tracks used to run the length and breadth of the entire Embarcadero; today only remnants like these remain.

... from 1967 ...  CitySleuth is curious as to what that wooden structure is in front of the pier behind Eleanor and Leggett (above) - he doesn't know but he does know it was still there 17 years later, caught in the 1967 vintage photo below.  Can anyone shed light on this?


Then ...  Here are the sailors they are looking at ...

... and Now,  but this is two miles away at the Bay Bridge, viewed from near Harrison Street.


Then ...  Now back at Fisherman's Wharf, they are in front of shed A, one of the twin Pier 45 sheds.

... and Now,  this pier today is the home of the Musee Mecanique, an arcade of antique coin-operated displays where you can see and hear the Laughing Sal exhibit rescued from Ocean Beach's demolished Playland-At-The-Beach fairground.


Then ...  Another sailor, another strikeout.  This vantage point takes in Alcatraz, Angel Island behind it and Belvedere off to the left.

... and Now,  taken from alongside Pier 43 by Pier 41 1/2.


Then ...  Frank likes to paint and now Eleanor is sure she's found him, at an easel.  But no, it's somebody else.

... and Now,  looking across the Fisherman's Wharf marina towards Alioto's and Tarantino's.  In the photo below you can just see that the boardwalk extending into the marina dead-ends at far left, so the bridge extension seen above has been removed.


Then ...  Leggett hangs back while Eleanor talks to the sailor, fearing Frank may recognize him as the killer.  The shed behind him belongs to Genoa Boat Builders.

... and Now,  This is Al Scoma Way, across the Embarcadero from Jones, along the edge of the Fisherman's Wharf marina.  The shed has survived unchanged, a reminder of the wharf's boat building days.

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