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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Bullitt - Daniels Hotel

  The Daniels Hotel is the safe house where Bullitt is guarding Johnny Ross.  It was at the time of the movie the Kennedy Hotel located at 226 Embarcadero near the corner of Howard and the Embarcadero.

Then ...  Bullitt and partner Det. Sgt. Carl Stanton (Carl Reidel) leave the hotel and cross Howard Street where it met the Embarcadero.  Piers 18, 20 and 22 recede towards the Bay Bridge.

... and Now,  these piers are gone, removed as part of the major waterfront development following the 1989 earthquake.  The Embarcadero is now much wider here so Howard now meets the Embarcadero a little further back, at Steuart.  The view below is from this junction - the Daniels Hotel used to sit over to the left where the tram rails now run down the middle of the Embarcadero.


Then ...  The night view shows the hotel and the ill-fated double-decker freeway which passed behind the hotel and along the Embarcadero to Broadway.  The freeway was severely damaged in the 1989 earthquake and subsequently removed, along with this city block.

... and Now,  the picture below of the parking structure on the corner of the Embarcadero at Howard was taken from the spot where the hotel originally sat.  Before demolition, the freeway passed in front of this building.


  The view below from the window of Ross's room at the rear of the hotel shows the freeway passing close by.  The same hotel is seen near the end of the car chase ten years earlier in the movie 'The Lineup', viewed from the freeway - see it here.


Then ...    In the Daniels hotel lobby Det. Sgt. Delgetti (Don Gordon) quizzes the hotel manager.  The window view shows the Bay Bridge across the Embarcadero between piers 16 and 18.

... and Now,  the same view from in front of the hotel site is no longer constrained by the piers, now demolished

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