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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers -  "They're Coming!  They're Coming!"

Then ...  Elizabeth is scared. She shares her fears with Matthew as they drive around the city.  Her fragile psyche is augmented by the fragmentation of his shattered windscreen, damaged earlier in the movie.

... and Now,  they are heading west on Turk Street as viewed from Leavenworth in the Tenderloin district (map).  Approaching on the left is the tall arched entrance of the Oasis Apartments at 351 Turk, built in 1928 and formerly a YMCA hotel.


Then ...  She tells him that Geoffrey has been furtively meeting with total strangers.  She is becoming paranoid; convinced that everyone around her has changed overnight.

... and Now,  still in the Tenderloin, they are traveling east on Golden Gate Avenue; Market Street is ahead (map).  The Golden Gate Theatre marquee is on the left; the theatre was being renovated when this photo was taken.


Then ...  Matthew, disbelieving but wanting to help, again encourages her to meet with his psychiatrist friend David Kibner.

... and Now,  still heading east on Golden Gate, they have backtracked four blocks, crossing Larkin (map).  Driving continuity in movies is rarely accurate.  The corner store on the left is now peddling croissants instead of loans.


Then ...  With a start Matthew jumps on his brakes as a man suddenly appears in front of them.

... and Now,  this is the junction of Leavenworth and Eddy Streets.  The upscale Black Cat Jazz Supper Club, a recent bold addition to the Tenderloin, currently occupies the northwest corner site (map).

    The terrified man screams out at them ... "They're coming!  They're coming!  You're next!  You're next!".  For this cameo, director Kaufman, in a nod of appreciation, chose Kevin McCarthy, who played the lead role in the original 1956 black-and-white version of this movie. 

    Here he is screaming the same warning 22 years earlier.


Then ...  The man rushes down Eddy ahead of a crowd of pursuers.

... and Now,  Another new addition, the Tenderloin Museum, is on the northeast corner (opposite the Back Cat) where the Ringside Smoke Shop used to be.


Then ...  A squeal of brakes, a thudding crash; just around the corner they see a body lying at the kerb ringed by a crowd in front of the Hamlin Hotel.

... and Now,  This view looks east down Eddy with Market Street in the distance.  The Hamlin is still there on the right, at 385 Eddy where a metal balcony over the entrance has since replaced the two masonry ones seen in the movie shot.  Still there is the cleaners store further down the block.


   The messenger lies dead, to the impassive satisfaction of his pursuers.  If you won't join them ...


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