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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Man Who Cheated Himself - 322 Club

Then ...  The investigators go to the 322 Club in search of the fisherman's unemployed son who might have had access to the murder weapon.  They are reflected in the window of the venerable Speedy's, on the corner of Union Street and Montgomery atop Telegraph Hill (map).  In the distance Union Street dips down then soars up to Russian Hill.

 ... and Now,  next to Speedy's the so-called club entrance belongs to an apartment house, address 303 - 311 Union Street  - it never was a club in real life.  On a trivia note, Speedy's finally closed down in 2008 after serving the neighborhood for 93 years; the site is currently a picture framing shop.  Over the years Speedy's has appeared in several movies, as here in The House On Telegraph Hill in 1951.


  Inside the club (presumably filmed in a studio)  the barman denies seeing the suspect, even as he sneaks out the back door.  But Andy spots him and the chase is on.


Then ...  The suspect bolts into a narrow street from the back door.  Remember that the front entrance was on Union Street in Telegraph Hill?...

 ... and Now,  well, this is in Chinatown, 9 blocks away!  It's 66 Wentworth Place near Jackson (map), just one more example of locational trickery in the movies.  The arrow points to the back door, since remodeled.


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