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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Exiles - Columbine Beer Tavern

  ( A Bunker Hill movie in a San Francisco blog?  CitySleuth explains why).

  The Ritz, seen earlier, wasn't the only downtown bar popular with the Indian community.  Another was the Columbine, a few stagger-steps away.

Then ...  This shot shows us where it was, at far right below, at 263 S. Main Street, kitty-corner from the Ritz near the intersecting 3rd Street (map)

... and Now,  the storefronts have been modified some over time but the two floors above them have been removed.  The shutters and window-bars don't speak well of the neighborhood today - interesting isn't it that the 1950s, despite folks in general being much worse off than today, was a much safer time.


Then ...  Behind Homer as he enters the Columbine we can make out some of the stores across the street.  Mortimer Levitt's liquor store is partially seen through the doorway at 252 Main, then California Clothing at 254 - 256, Reposo Cafe/Restaurant Mexicana at 258 and El Progreso Cafe at 260.

... and Now,  a multi-story parking structure at 260 Main has replaced these businesses.


Then ...  As the evening wears on the noise level in the bar rises and the cops attempt to keep a damper on things by making their presence known.

... and Now,  no longer a bar, the site is a shadow of its former self.


Then ...  The brightly lit store alongside the Columbine (seen in the street view six images above) was Moler's Barber College, perfectly located at 265 Main for those who wanted a cheap hair cut and didn't mind being a guinea pig for the trainees.  Moler's has been around since 1893 and is still in business, though not at this location.  Their haircut isn't 25 cents any more but is still a steal at $7.50.  But, caveat emptor.

... and Now,  no longer a place to relax, this location is now a gym but customers can still catch up on the neighborhood gossip.  You'd hardly guess this is the same place until you notice the monogrammed threshold.


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