Reel SF

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Laughing Policeman - No Communication

Then ...  Jake returns home unsure whether or not he should confront his son about seeing him in the porno theater.

... and Now,  the front door today, at 156 Robinhood Drive in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood, has new glass side-panes but the peephole, now polished, has survived.


Then ...  He checks the son's bedroom but he's not back yet.

... and Now,  another teenager occupies the same room!


Then ...  He opens the door to his wife's bedroom and tells her that their son is out late but  she's more concerned about a button of his about to fall off.  This is a couple who have forgotten how to communicate.

... and Now,  mirrors cover the closet doors.


   The sound of a motorbike alerts Jake to the son's return but when he goes to confront him he finds his bedroom door 'keep out' closed and decides to let sleeping dogs lie.


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