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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Laughing Policeman - Jake Martin's Residence

Then ...  After spending all night investigating the crime scene Jake drives home to catch up on some sleep.  He lives at 156 Robinhood Drive in the city's Sherwood Forest, a tiny neighborhood gem of winding streets on undulating hills just south of Mt. Davidson (map).

... and Now,  in this view down the same street today it has changed very little, other than window upgrades and a lone home down the block with a second story.  The Alameda County shoreline is seen from here across San Francisco Bay.  CitySleuth almost got lost finding his way through the maze of streets but was relieved to find he was not alone - none other than Herb Caen had the same experience, as recounted by this article in which Robinhood Drive gets many a mention.


Then ...  The panning camera paints a view of the home's exterior as it follows him entering the enclosed garden that leads to the front door.

... and Now,  156 Robinhood Drive has been repainted, there are different garage doors and brick posts now flank a metal gate, but it's basically as it was more than 40 years ago.


Then ...  Jake isn't in much of a mood to talk to his wife (Shirley Ballard), in fact the viewer senses there's not a lot of communication between them, but he does share the news of his partner's murder. 

... and Now,  with the exception of the modern kitchen appliances the same cabinets and countertops take us on a 1970s time warp.


Then ...  His alarm awakens him the next morning and we see he doesn't share the same bed with his wife.  He may not be awake enough to appreciate the fine view through the window but we certainly do.

... and Now,  from the same room the view remains a constant.


Then ...  He carries his morning cup of joe out to the patio and contemplates the collapsed barbecue that he evidently has no interest in or no time for fixing.

... and Now,  several changes are evident here.  French doors have replaced the windows of the living room and the concrete patio has been covered with a redwood deck.  And, the home next door has been remodeled or replaced.


Then ...  A hot cup of coffee in hand, breezes from the Pacific Ocean off to the right, San Francisco Bay on the left, a panorama spread out before him ... his job may be unforgiving but he can be forgiven for enjoying these small pleasures.

... and Now,  the vista looks across San Francisco's southern neighborhoods towards San Bruno Mountain;  Daly City is over to the right.


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