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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Laughing Policeman - Kay Butler's Apartment

  Jake has no idea why his partner Detective Dave Evans had been caught in the bus massacre.  He drives across town to ask Kay Butler, Evans' live-in girlfriend.

Then ...  The drive through Russian Hill gives us a glimpse of the passing neighborhood.

... and Now,  he was heading south on Leavenworth, passing this building at the northeast corner of Lombard.  But what are those tourists gawking at? (map).

... ah yes, by far the most visited street block in the city.  Or could it be they are all looking up at the apartment where Jack Palance's character lived in the 1952 noir movie Sudden Fear?   OK, that's highly unlikely but just in case, CitySleuth points it out for their benefit.


Then ...  Still on Leavenworth, this is three blocks further along, between Union and Green.

... and Now,  over 40 years have elapsed but the same block, where MacCondray Lane tees off to the left, hasn't changed.


Then ...  Again traveling south on Leavenworth but this cut jumps back to the northeast corner of Greenwich.

... and Now,  the same building today.  On the right Greenwich dips down to North Beach then swoops up to Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill.


Then ...  In her apartment Kay Butler (Cathy Lee Crosby) grieves over her boyfriend's death.  The north-facing view towards the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin County was all CitySleuth needed to deduce the location.

... and Now,  this scene was filmed in the top floor apartment at 2768 Green Street near Baker in the Cow Hollow neighborhood (map).  CitySleuth has not been able to access that apartment for matching photos but he was able to take almost identical views from the one immediately below it.


    Here's a recent look at 2768 Green.  The top floor apartment is the upper structure with the clapboard siding.  The views above are from the rear of the building.


Then ...  Kay isn't able to shed any light on why Evans had called in sick at work or why he might have been on the bus.  In this shot the wider view includes the domed Palace Of Fine Arts.

... and Now,  the same view taken from the apartment downstairs - the Palace gleams even more after a 2009 seismic and cosmetic restoration.


    Talk about Rooms With A View!  This satellite image includes the apartment (arrowed), now with even bigger picture windows than those seen in the movie.  The large building on the right is the Russian Consulate on the corner of Baker Street.


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