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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Harold And Maude - At The Cemetery - 1

    Harold indulges in a somewhat unusual pastime - attending funerals of complete strangers.  It was at just such a ceremony that he catches his first glimpse of Maude.

Then ...  A sombre gathering finds solace in the priest's homily.

... and Now,  this scene was filmed in the Holy Cross Catholic cemetery on Mission Road in Colma (map), a small town south of San Francisco that was founded in 1924 as a necropolis.  Most of its land consists of cemeteries and its modest living population of 1,800 is outnumbered by the buried by a factor of over one thousand.  Unsurprisingly the older gravestones above are exactly as they were but additional memorials have since been added in the foreground row.  The coffin above was at the Hanlon memorial stone in front of the Kirwan gravestone cross.

    This location is in section 'T' at the spot marked by the arrow.


   Harold is distracted by the sound of a sneeze from amongst the gravestones ... 


Then ...  He sees a little old lady (Ruth Gordonnext to a tall tree munching on an apple.  She seems to be following the proceedings as intently as he.

... and Now,  everything is the same in this recent look from the same spot but the tree, behind the Donovan memorial stone, is gone.


    Holy Cross Cemetery is the final resting place of several notables, perhaps the best known being Joe DiMaggio's whose mausoleum can be found nearby in section 'I'.


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