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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Harold And Maude - Harold's Residence

    After leaving the cemetery Harold drives home in his hearse.

Then ...  He approaches the entrance of his home along a road lined with eucalyptus trees.

... and Now,  this, aptly named, is Eucalyptus Avenue in Hillsborough, an uber-affluent Bay Area suburb south of San Francisco, viewed from the junction with Redington Road (map).  That particular grove of trees above has been taken out but there are still many remaining along this road.  The  tar-patched crack along the pavement, below, appears to be the joint to the original tarmac above.


Then ...  The camera pans right, tracking Harold as he makes a left turn into a long tree-lined driveway leading to his home on the family estate.  This is the Rosecourt estate at 815 Eucalyptus Avenue  (map), built in 1913 for George T. Cameron, the publisher of the San Francisco Chronicle.

... and Now,  the stylish wrought-iron gate is still there but in 1974 a new house was built here where the original driveway used to be.


   The tree-lined driveway (at far left below) leads to his home where he screeches noisily to a halt.


Then ...  Harold's mother and friends stare in astonishment at the sight of the hearse.  Behind them is the stately home.

... and Now,  the 6 bed 7.5 bath Rosecourt mansion is largely unchanged today, but shortly after the movie was filmed the estate's 7 1/2 acres was subdivided into several lots and Rosecourt was readdressed 10 Stacey Court.  The cobblestones, a nostalgic throwback to the past, were sourced from old San Francisco streets.


   This recent aerial view shows how the original estate looks today.  The subdivision added a new cul-de-sac, Stacey Court, off of Redington Road.  Rosecourt Mansion became 10 Stacey Court and its original 815 Eucalyptus Avenue address was assumed by one of the new homes.


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