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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Laughing Policeman - Lunch Break

  Then ...  Time for a break - Larsen pulls up outside a corner deli.

... and Now,  The Mexican deli, La Palma at 2884 24th Street on the corner of Florida in the Mission (map), is still going strong.  The view, now leafy and shady, looks east along 24th from Florida Street.


  Then ...  They head for the rear of the deli towards a side door on Florida Street.

... and Now,  the palm tree logo has been supplanted by a colorful mural, a common sight throughout the Mission (but there's now a real palm tree outside the deli, see above).


    The Mission is perhaps the most culturally rich neighborhood in San Francisco.  It is primarily a mix of Latin-American communities (but currently threatened by dot-com gentrification) whose culture asserts itself in riotous color via hundreds of street murals, such as the architectural tattoo on El Edificio de Mujeres (the Women's Building) at 3543 18th Street (map), honoring women artists and activists from around the globe.

    Then there are the alleys celebrating community and arts, with an occasional social commentary thrown in, Clarion Alley being one example (map)...

    ... Balmy Street, aka Balmy Alley, being another (map).


  Then ...  they discuss the case while snacking in the deli's food prep area.  The Florida Street side door is on the right and the view past the tortilla preparers looks through the deli shop across the street to the red sign of the Variety Five and Dime at 2899 24th.

... and Now,  there have been layout and equipment changes but this bustling space continues to generate the quotidian tortillas and other freshly prepared foods that make the Mexicatessen so popular.  And, the palm tree logo lives on, adorning employees' T-shirts.


  Then ...  Jake, usually as laconic as they come, surprises Larsen with an outburst, lamenting an unsolved case of his involving a murdered woman, Teresa Camerero.  He wonders if his regrets over the case had led his former partner to try solving it only to end up himself murdered.  Evidently Jake feels some responsibility.

... and Now,  that rear staircase is still there.


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