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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Laughing Policeman - Pontiac Hotel

    The search for Rodney Davis takes Larsen and Larimer to a hotel in the seedy South of Market neighborhood.

Then ...  The camera pans down from the hotel sign as they enter the hotel entrance at 138 6th Street.  In this north-facing view the narrow Minna Street intersects behind them (map).

... and Now,  the sign now advertises that the hotel has moved around the corner on Minna; its original 6th Street entrance has been boarded up for years.


Then ...  inside, they spot the man they are looking for - he takes off with Larimer in pursuit while Larsen doubles back out the front door to cut him off.  This point of view looks in the opposite direction to the image above - the incongruous classically-styled hotel doorway is behind him.

... and Now,  the restaurant with the green awnings next door to the now boarded up entrance, Split Pea Seduction, has assumed the hotel's old 138 6th Street address.


Then ...  Larsen rounds the corner into Minna in time to apprehend Rodney as he darts out a side door.  6th Street crosses down the way.

... and Now,  the door from which Rodney exited has been filled in.  The relocated entrance to the Pontiac Hotel is between the potted plants at 509 Minna.


Then ...  A crowd of locals closes in menacingly while they interrogate Rodney but they manage to take him down to the station only to conclude that the snitch who fingered him had fed them worthless information.

... and Now,  some things have changed, others not.


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