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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Play It Again, Sam - Conflicting Advice

Then … Allan can’t get Linda out of his head and fantasizes an amorous encounter with her in front of a roaring fire.

… and Now, this scene was filmed in the living room of 1212 Lombard Street, described earlier in this blog. The living room fireplace is seen in this recent photo taken by CitySleuth at a realtor’s open house.


Then, while shopping at a local market, his vivid imagination conjures up apparitions of, on one side his hero Bogart egging him on and, on the other his ex-wife Nancy warning him that Linda’s husband will find out and beat him to a pulp.

CitySleuth found a movie poster image (below) with more visual information than that seen in the movie, namely details of the supporting pillars.

CitySleuth has yet to definitively nail this location. He did find a mention online (caveat - always assume online sources are wrong until confirmed) that one of the movie’s scenes was filmed at the corner of Balboa Street and 22nd Avenue, without specifying which scene. This is in a residential area in the Richmond but the 1972 city directory indicates that there was a corner market here, the Phoenix Market at 2051 Balboa. Here’s that same corner today.

Remodeled inside, it’s now the Bushido Fight Team martial arts gym. The interior may have since been remodeled to open up the space wall-to-wall - note the steel beam across the ceiling. Could this have been the market’s location? Anyone with information is asked to contact


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