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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Play It Again, Sam - Beach House

Then ...  Linda and Dick head off to the beach with Allan.  They cross the Golden Gate Bridge and head north into Marin County on Highway 101 in Dick's slick 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible.

... and Now,  this is the north end of the twin-bore Waldo Tunnelrecently renamed the Robin Williams Tunnel in memory of the local actor/comedian.  Originally it was a single bore tunnel with two-way traffic; this second one was added in 1955, each now being one-way (map).


Then ...  They arrive at their beach house destination.

... and Now,  here's that same front garden today, viewed from a different angle.  The wall they were passing, above, has been brightened by a blaze of bougainvillea, below.


Then ...  The house, 336 Seadrift Road in the resort town of Stinson Beach (map),  is one of a long line here fringing the Pacific Ocean.


Then ...  They admire the ocean view despite, or perhaps because, it is shrouded in mist.

... and Now,  after deducing the address CitySleuth came across a promo video from a 2013 real estate listing with great images of the property showing remodel upgrades.  Here's the same living room, staged, and with photoshopped views and flickering fireplace.


Then ...  While Allan and Linda stroll on the beach Dick holds a meeting with a group of his investor friends on the home's enclosed patio.

... and Now,  this shot of the patio, shielded by a glass wall over on the right side, was filmed from the beach .


    A telephoto lens zooms in on Allan and Linda while they converse on the beach.  The little town of Bolinas spills down behind them to a concrete retaining wall on its beach .

Then ...  here's the same shot seen widescreen; it was filmed from the house.  The distant concrete wall is no longer there but the ocean continues to encroach behind them at the spit, connecting Bolinas Bay on the left to Bolinas Lagoon, off the frame on the right.

... and Now,  the view, unchanged, is even better on a clear day.


Then ...  Later, they continue their conversation on Highway 1 overlooking Stinson Beach (map).

... and Now,  from the same spot Bolinas Lagoon is visible at the far end of the beach on the right.


    That evening, Allan puts the move on a sexy lady at a local club (Susanne Zenor) but once again is rebuked.

    CitySleuth has yet to find this place.  There were lots of extras in this scene, perhaps one amongst them will see this post - if so, please comment below or email him ( with location information.

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